GOP insider says President Trump's aides should be on '24-hour suicide watch'

Former GOP campaign spokesman Rick Tyler spoke gravely of how White House staffers might be handling poor approval ratings for President Trump, saying they should be on "24-hour suicide watch."

Those dramatic words from Tyler, the former campaign spokesman for Ted Cruz after a CNN poll found support for President Trump stands at just 38 percent.

"All of these numbers look pretty tough ... Joe, if I were political consultant looking at the candidate with this kind of numbers, I'd have them on 24-hour suicide watch," Tyler said. "These numbers are not good. They don't look recoverable."

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Even more troubling for Trump, CNN found the percentage of Republicans who "strongly approve" has dropped from 73 percent in February to just 59 percent.

But showing his defiance, Trump tweeted his base is "far bigger & stronger than ever before."

"Look at rallies in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, and West Virginia." "We will never change!"

Still, with no notable legislation passed, 59 percent consider Trump's 200 days in office a failure.

The news comes as a New York Times report indicated Vice President Pence and other Republicans are quietly sowing support for potential 2020 runs. VP Pence vehemently denies the claims, but Tyler adds, we won't have this story "... if the president's poll numbers were in the mid-50s, high 50s, or low 60s."