10-year-old who battled leukemia gets to score touchdown with the New York Jets

It was a proud moment for two New York parents who watched their 10-year-old son score a touchdown at MetLife stadium on Saturday.

Jesse Pallas, of Long Island, who once suffered from leukemia, has been in remission for a year. His father, Mike Pallas, said seeing him cross into the end zone was a metaphor for all he's been through.

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"It was just amazing; I didn't know what to say," Pallas told InsideEdition.com. "Jesse running that 50 yards was beautiful. To me, it represented the fight he fought."

Jesse was diagnosed in 2011 after having some blood drawn before dental surgery. An examination of the boy's blood showed something was wrong.

Two days later, doctors realized 80 percent of his body was overcome by leukemia and he began chemotherapy.

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The 10-year-old has been in remission for a year. Recently, the family received a call from the Marty Lyons Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to granting wishes for children .

They was asked whether they would be interested in watching a New York Jets scrimmage game.

"We had no idea what was in store for the evening," Pallas said.

The team allowed Jesse and his family onto the field, but the highlight of the night is when they gave him the football and allowed him to score a touchdown against some of the players.

"The players made believe they were falling down and being blocked and to me it represented the battle. He was just beside himself. He couldn't comprehend what just happened. It's was a great thing."

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Pallas said his family has spent the last year just trying to completely enjoy life and make up for the things Jesse missed out on for the five years he battled the disease.

"He was in the hospital so long that he hadn't experienced much in the past five years. He never learned how to ride a bike," Pallas said. "These things we take for granted, he is struggling with these things now."

He added: "This year, we just live full forward, full throttle."

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