Poll: Trump approval rating among white millennials drops

President Donald Trump's low job approval figures from millennials are slipping further, new poll numbers say.

Among Americans aged 18-34, Trump's disapproval rating is 62 percent, up from 58 percent in May, according to the recent survey from GenForward, a polling and research organization out of the University of Chicago. Twenty-two percent of respondents said they approve of his job performance.

The percentage of millennials who disapprove of Trump's performance is above the overall average, which hovers in the low to mid-50s, compared to overall approval ratings in the high 30s and low 40s for most of Trump's time in office.

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The GenForward survey discovered that disapproval appears to be increasing within the age group in part because Trump is losing ground among white millennials.

According to a GenForward survey conducted in May, less than half of white millennials – 47 percent – disapproved of Trump's job performance, while 34 percent approved. But disapproval among that demographic jumped to 55 percent in the August survey, while 29 percent approved of his presidency.

Overall, 14 percent of young Americans – including 19 percent of white millennials – described the president as honest, compared to 67 percent who said he is not. For each of the groups of non-white Americans surveyed – African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Latinos – Trump's trustworthiness was in the single digits, while more than 7 in 10 said they do not trust him.

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Fewer than half of all young adults – 44 percent – said they believe Trump will finish out the entirety of his first term, while 35 percent predicted he will be impeached, 10 percent said he will resign and another 10 percent predicted he will leave office for another reason.

Millennials' disapproval is not limited to the White House: Only 16 percent gave Congress a passing grade in the first six months of the new term while 56 percent disapprove.

Neither party fared well among young adults, with 45 percent saying they find the Democratic Party to be somewhat or very favorable and 25 percent saying the same of the GOP. While millennials were slightly more likely to say they identified with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party – 26 percent to 23 percent – far more say they align themselves with neither.

The poll, of 1,836 adults from 18-34, was conducted June 23-July 10 and had a margin of error of 3.94 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level.

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