New poll reveals China is the most optimistic country in the world

When we think of most optimistic countries in the world the usual European countries probably come to mind. But, it's actually China who comes in at number one.

Eighty-seven percent of respondents there believe their communist country is headed in the right direction, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs survey. But, it's not all positive for China. Forty-seven percent of respondents said the issue they're most concerned about is moral decay, followed by the environment.

Countries around the world ranked by optimistic outlook:

Of the 27 countries surveyed, just seven expressed a positive outlook for the future. India came in at number two, with Saudi Arabia placing third.

Interestingly at 66 percent, South Korea placed fourth as most optimistic despite the impending threat of their northern neighbor. America's northern neighbor, Canada came in fifth, and Russia came in sixth.

Farther down the list, the United States comes in tenth place with just over 43 percent of those surveyed expressing a positive outlook. Mexico came in last.

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As a whole, just 40 percent of the world has a sunny outlook. So why is that? Financial concerns seem to be a large factor. Unemployment, financial and political corruption, poverty and social inequality, all ranking highest among issues of concern.

The U.S. is more confident in the country's direction than it was just prior to the presidential election. But unsurprisingly, America's top concern is health care.