Report: 16-year-old German girl who left home to join ISIS may face execution


A German teenager who ran away from her home in a town near Dresden to join ISIS about a year ago could now face execution in Iraq, according to the Daily Mail.

Iraqi soldiers were recorded celebrating as they dragged 16-year-old Linda Wenzel, along with 20 female ISIS supporters from various countries, out of a tunnel under Mosul's old city in July.

In the shocking footage, Wenzel can be seen struggling to walk as if she had been injured as soldiers escort her away from the hideout.

"Make room, make room, she is a Christian, she can't take it any more," one soldier can be heard saying. "She is hurting, she is weak, she is a blonde, she is a German."

Since her capture, the teenager has been in the custody of the state in Baghdad, where she is being questioned by American and Iraqi interrogators over her terrorist ties.

Photo: Iraqi Army

Wenzel was reportedly first drawn into the terrorist group through online communications with an ISIS recruiter, who convinced her to leave her life behind and join the terrorist organization.

The Daily Mail notes that after she fell in love with the recruiter, Wenzel converted to Islam before stealing her mother's passport and money to fly to Turkey.

Once she arrived in Istanbul, Wenzel was smuggled into Iraq where she married her recruiter, a Chechen fighter who was later killed in battle.

The teenager has frequently been spotted carrying around an infant, but there has been no confirmation as to whether the child is her own.

It is still unclear what role Wenzel herself served in ISIS, but an anonymous officer in Iraq's elite counterterrorism unit allegedly told the Telegraph that the German teen had acted as a sniper for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Germany is currently deciding whether Wenzel should be returned home where she could face trial for her ties to the terrorist group.

Iraq could also decide to send her back home despite Germany's decision, as she is a minor and a foreigner. If she does end up being tried and found guilty in Iraq, the death penalty is among the sentences she could be given.