Canadians are speaking out against Melania Trump's visit for the Invictus Games


Some Canadians have been speaking out against first lady Melania Trump's scheduled attendance of the Invictus Games in Toronto next month.

In an op-ed for the website Torontoist, Brad Fraser writes, "Melania Trump coming to Canada as an emissary of the Invictus Games is exactly the kind of hypocrisy we don't need in Canada—or anywhere—at any time."

He explains that the games are "a win for everyone involved" and allow "thousands of soldiers with life altering disabilities to compete in adaptive sport events."

Melania Trump, President Trump at recent Ohio rally:

However, Fraser points out that, "no group has been attacked by [President] Trump as much as people with disabilities."

The writer adds that Mrs. Trump has spoken out about bullying in the past, but when her husband appeared to lash out at two journalists, she defended him.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star published a letter from a reader named Jayne Rees who says she opposes the first lady's trip, in part, due to the taxpayer funds that may be used to protect her and her entourage.

Rees also expresses concern over the potential for protests and retribution should the visit not go smoothly.

She ends the letter by writing, "Not only will the games be tarnished by her presence, but her trip may undo much of the goodwill our government has actively pursued to get a fair trade deal for Canada."

In a July 27 press release, Mrs. Trump's role in leading the U.S. delegation was announced along with her stating that she was, "honored by the opportunity to represent our country at this year's games."

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