Woman tries to steal $1,000 dollhouse until she realizes it won't fit in car

Who would pay a thousand dollars for a dollhouse? Not this lady, but she would try to steal it, fortunately, her attempted theft was caught on tape.

The Kingsport Police Department in Tennessee shared the video of a woman attempting to steal a thousand-dollar dollhouse from an unlocked storage unit at Action Rental. Authorities have shared this video in an attempt to catch this would-be thief.

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While she wanted to steal the expensive doll abode, unfortunately, the mansion for dolls was too big for her human sized car. She tried the trunk. The tire seems to be a problem. And, then attempted to stuff the house into her backseat, but the dollhouse just wouldn't fit.

When it turned out that her own car foiled her plans, she just left the dollhouse and drove away.

Thankfully, in addition to leaving the dollhouse, she also left this video evidence of her crime. If you recognize this woman, contact the authorities.