Earth has already used up it's available resources for 2017

The World Wildlife Foundation says that as of August 2, we have used up our allowance of resources on Earth for the year of 2017.

This is known as Earth Overshoot Day and it has come earlier than ever before.

Earth has overused its resources since 1971 when it was recorded that the "Overshoot Day" was December 21st.

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And although the rate that the day has moved backward has decreased in recent years, we are still devouring resources at 1.7 times faster that they can be regenerated.

Newsweek says that carbon emissions are the main cause, making up 60 percent of man's ecological footprint.

And some countries are worse than others. We would need 5.2 Earths to keep up with a number of resources Australia uses. With the United States not very far behind.

Duplicate and feather one earth to make it a half, then have that half disappear so that there is only one earth and move it to the center

The WWF hopes to move Earth Overshoot Day back 4.5 days every year, which if we can do, means we will be using one Earth's worth of resources by 2050.