Christian McCaffrey, who will make $11 million this year, can't watch 'Game of Thrones' because he doesn't have his parents' password

While the day-to-day lives of professional football players are probably vastly different than yours or mine in most regards, in some cases our favorite athletes are just like us.

Take for example Carolina Panthers rookie running back Christian McCaffrey, who was answering questions from reporters on Tuesday when the topic of "Game of Thrones" came up. McCaffrey admitted that he was not up to date on the new season, not because he was trying to focus on football, but rather because he was locked out of his family's account, and had yet to text his parents for their HBO password.

The Panthers shared video of the exchange on Twitter, which you can watch below.

When you get down to it, McCaffrey is just a kid fresh out of college getting acclimated with his first real job. Viewed through that lens, it's hardly shocking that McCaffrey is still taking advantage of his parents' HBO account.

That said, McCaffrey just signed a deal in May that included a signing bonus of $10.7 million, so next time the HBO bill comes, maybe he'll be able to pick up the tab for his family.

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