Senator John McCain says he's 'feeling good' and will work during cancer treatment

During Sen. John McCain's major speech on the Senate floor on the health care debate last week he said, "I am going home to treat my illness. I have every intention of returning here."

McCain is keeping his promise. After being diagnosed with brain cancer, the Arizona Republican said he plans to work through the summer and return to Capitol Hill in the fall.

In an interview with "The Mike Broomhead Show" on Wednesday McCain said he was "feeling good."

Images of McCain voting no on Obamacare 'skinny' repeal:

After starting treatment for two weeks the Arizona Senator says he won't be in Washington because he is undergoing treatment, which includes chemotherapy and radiation.

McCain added that keeping busy is important when faced with a challenge.

In a surprising move, the Arizona senator cast one of the decisive votes in the last week, shutting down the revised GOP health care bill.