Scaramucci allegedly ousted from WH over dating rumors with Fox News host

Anthony Scaramucci was in and out of White House fame in ten days flat, but rumors are swirling that his exit wasn't just because of his profanity-laced interviews and public promises to fire the entire staff.

According to TMZ, the real problem was the rumors that were circulating that Scaramucci was dating FOX News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle. The two of them had been seen together in public and private several times, including a private dinner at the White House on July 26. That dinner was leaked to the press, and it was that leak in particular that touched off Scaramucci's diatribe against leaks.

–Anthony Scaramucci's wife files for divorce one week after his WH appointment–

TMZ reported that Scaramucci was particularly upset about the leak of the dinner because he knew about the dating rumors, and Guilfoyle was at the dinner. TMZ had reached out to Scaramucci's camp for a comment on the dating rumors on Monday morning, and the news allegedly started to spread. Then, before noon, Scaramucci had resigned his post.

Monday was also the first day that former general John Kelly was the chief of staff at the White House. TMZ said that neither Donald Trump nor Kelly wanted Scaramucci in the news again on the first day, which led to the decision to remove him, with Trump telling Scaramucci to stay professional and out of the limelight.