Ann Coulter says marijuana is making 'people retarded'

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter says marijuana is destroying the country.

She was speaking at Politicon, a nonpartisan political event over the weekend.

Coulter, who has a history of making very controversial -- and some might say offensive remarks went off when she was asked whether or not weed should be legal.

"You can legalize all the drugs you want when there isn't a welfare state. No marijuana makes people retarded, especially when they're young."

The debate started when Coulter's fellow panelist, Ana Kasparian brought up the racial differences between blacks and whites when it comes to marijuana charges.

Coulter pointed to a study that revealed black people are more likely to lie about their weed use than other races.

However, she didn't say who did the study or any information about the study to back up her claim. Meanwhile, Kasparian said no one should be prosecuted for marijuana possession calling it a waste of our resources.