Texas community colleges will now allow guns on campus

Texas is breaking new ground on the gun control front by expanding its concealed handguns in high education institutions to community colleges as well, starting the first of August.

The Campus Carry law allowing people to carry guns in and on the grounds of colleges and universities went into effect in August 2016.

Private colleges and universities can opt out, but community colleges were given a year to comply.

USA Today says the El Paso Community College system is ready to conform to the law but will also remain vigilant regarding possible security concerns.

The guns must be worn under clothing or in a purse or a bag. Guns worn in the open, even in a holster, will still be illegal.

However, some students don't feel the law is necessary, with one saying, "I just think the whole thing is a recipe for disaster... I feel it's completely unnecessary and it's not the place for it."

Gun-free zones will include college child care centers, patient care facilities, science labs and intercollegiate athletic events.

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