New study shows what Trump's tweets reveal about his personality

President Trump is known as a prolific tweeter, which is why a research team decided to analyze those communications as a way to gain insights into his personality.

The team, comprised of individuals from Australia's Queensland University of Technology and Germany's Trier University, focused on Trump's pre-presidential Twitter activity.

In analyzing roughly 3,200 posts made before October 2016, the researchers, according to a release about the study, "used established software for assessment of language and text for psychological purposes. Trump's language use and online personality were also compared with that of 105 other influential and famous business managers...and entrepreneurs who are not on the political stage."

They determined that, "Trump is indeed a distinct type of person who shows strong features of a so-called Schumpeterian personality that is said to be typical of successful entrepreneurs." They include, "being very creative, change-orientated, competitive and rule-breaking."

However, the findings also indicated, "that Trump has neurotic tendencies, and experiences underlying low well-being."

The release notes, "having entrepreneurial personality traits could be advantageous in leading and governing an entrepreneurial society as a top-down process. But...leading a company is very different from leading a country and it is unclear whether political leaders with an extremely entrepreneurial personality can indeed act strictly entrepreneurially in their highly responsible role."

Personality aside, Trump is said to have relied on Twitter, in part, to circumvent the media which he has repeatedly criticized.

The president has suggested in the past, if it weren't for Twitter, he might not have won the presidency.

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