Dallas Cowboys players lead the NFL in games suspended and it is not even close


No NFL team's players get suspended more often or for more games than the Dallas Cowboys and the list may soon grow.

The NFL is investigating Ezekiel Elliot for an alleged domestic violence incident from 2016 and the Cowboys running back is said to be "bracing for a short suspension." That was before a recent altercation at a bar. On Thursday, the Cowboys added running back Ronnie Hillman, a move that some believe was made in preparation for an Elliot suspension.

The Dallas Morning News recently tabulated all of the NFL suspensions since 2014 and the Cowboys are by far the most suspended team, both in terms of the number of suspensions (15) and total games suspended (100). In fact, not other team has lost more than 55 player-games to suspension.


Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

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