NFL star hires dive team to find $100,000 earring lost in lake

Jet skiing at the lake is all fun and games until it costs you $100,000. Just ask Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones!

When Jones is off the field, his ears are almost always adorned with giant diamond studs and his day off at the lake was no exception.

However, he fell off of his jet ski and, when he came out of the water, one of his diamonds was gone.

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A diver, Bobby Griffin, was hired for $500 dollars to swim down to the bottom of the lake and see if a flashlight would catch the glint of the diamond.

But Griffin came up empty handed, telling 11 Alive, "It's down in crevasses and nooks and crannies. It's impossible - absolutely impossible."

Jones wasn't too upset saying, "As long as I'm good, it's materialistic stuff. You can always get that kind of stuff back."

True enough, but maybe next time don't go to the lake with jewelry on.