Treasure hunters may have found gold on ship sunk by Hitler

While it may sound like a Nicholas Cage movie, British treasure hunters are hoping to collect some very real money.

The Sun reports a box possibly carrying 4 tons of a "valuable metal" has been found by UK based Advanced Marine Services aboard a Nazi ship that sank off the coast of Iceland in 1939.

The metal could be gold stolen from South American banks that may be worth 130 million dollars.

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Or it could be a pile of rocks.

Still, many believe the SS Minden was en route to Germany when Hitler ordered the ship to be sunk on purpose.

According to The Daily Mail, advanced Marine Services has asked the Icelandic government for permission to cut a hole in the ship to remove the box. Ergo, finders keepers.

However, Iceland is reportedly going to be making a statement on who owns the metal.

This isn't the first time Brits have made their way into Icelandic seas hoping to discover gold rumored to be stolen by Hitler.

Rumors of Nazi gold have swirled for decades with some theories saying Hitler was stealing gold and art for the pensions of his top officials.