Trump jokes Price better get health care votes otherwise he's 'fired'

President Trump on Monday used his 'Apprentice' catchphrase to joke with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on the health care votes.

During his remarks at the annual National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, Trump looked to Price and said, "You are going to get the votes?"

He then turned back to the crowd and joked, "He better get them... otherwise, I'll say, 'Tom, you're fired!'"

Over the past several days, Trump has been pushing hard to get more votes for the Senate health care legislation.

He tweeted Sunday, "If Republicans don't Repeal and Replace the disastrous ObamaCare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand!"

In his Monday tweets, he said, "Republicans have a last chance to do the right thing on Repeal & Replace after years of talking & campaigning on it," and "Any senator who votes against starting debate is telling America that you are fine w/ the #OCareNightmare!"

According to the New York Times, "Senate Republican leaders, trying to keep alive their flagging effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, are barreling toward a showdown vote on Tuesday to begin debating a repeal of the health law. But senators have yet to be told precisely what legislation they will be debating."