Supporter awkwardly thanks Trump for Melania Trump at rally: 'I’m probably gonna be in trouble with my wife'

An awkward moment took place at President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday night after the president brought an enthusiastic supporter onstage who then thanked Trump for the first lady after saying, "I'm probably going to get in trouble with my wife."

Democrat turned Trump voter Gino de Fabio started off by apologizing to the president, seemingly for bringing up the first lady saying, "I apologize. Mr. President, thank you for Melania."

Trump smiled and nodded in approval following de Fabio's comment.

"I'm probably gonna be in trouble with my wife, but God bless that woman," de Fabio added.

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Some took to Twitter to voice their reaction to the awkward moment, with one user saying de Fabio "perved on Melania." While others took issue with him claiming, "could we have a better first lady?"

"Yes. We could. And we did. And her name was Michelle," one Twitter user wrote.

Trump said Tuesday night that he saw Gino de Fabio on FOX News earlier in the morning, tracked him down and brought him to the rally to speak.

De Fabio concluded by thanking Trump for "keeping the promises" he made during his campaign.

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