A business owner in Maine is offering free weed for picking up trash

The streets of Gardiner, Maine are about to get a little greener.

That's because the owner of a local marijuana shop is offering free marijuana for people who clean up the town's streets.

In exchange for a full bag of trash, Dennis Meehan, the owner of Summit Medical Marijuana, gives volunteers a bag of the good stuff.

He tells USA Today he understands it's probably not the best business model to be giving his product away for free, but he says it's an opportunity to introduce the health benefits of weed to more people.

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He said, "When you see this plant have an incredibly life changing impact on somebody that has given up on life, or somebody that has been given up on by modern medicine — and you can bring them back to life and give them a quality of life. It doesn't just affect that patient, it affects every single person in the family."

Right now a few dozen people have taken advantage of Meehan's legal gifting, but he hopes to expand it statewide soon.