New poll sheds light on Trump's support in key states


A new poll released on Monday is shedding light on President Donald Trump's approval rating across individual states, showing which areas have the highest and lowest levels of support for the current administration.

According to the Gallup survey which looked at 17 particular states, West Virginia at 60 percent currently stands with the highest Trump job approval rating among those surveyed. North Dakota and South Dakota are not far behind with 59 and 58 percent approval ratings respectively.

Click through states with the highest and lowest Trump job approval ratings:

Vermont leads the pack in terms of states that have the least amount of support for the president with just a 26 percent approval rating. Massachusetts at 29 percent joins the Green Mountain State state as the only other area with a sub-30 approval rating for Trump.

Overall Trump has a 50 percent average among the 17 states polled between Jan. 20 through June 30.

Trump has struggled with his approval rating since taking office, setting multiple record lows including the lowest rating for any president on inauguration day, according to Gallup.

The president has continuously swatted away negative polls as "fake news," and recently slammed ABC and NBC polls which showed him with historically low numbers as, "The two fake news polls released yesterday, ABC and NBC, while containing some very positive info, were totally wrong in General E. Watch!"