7-year-old boy finds massive prehistoric shark tooth at South Carolina beach


A young shark enthusiast vacationing with his family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, stumbled upon the find of a lifetime -- a tooth belonging to the largest shark to ever exist.

Virginia-native Foster Frazier, 7, was digging along the side of a stream at the tourist hotspot when he uncovered the nearly 5-inch tooth, which reportedly belonged to a prehistoric megalodon.

The megalodon, which went extinct 2.6 million years ago, is estimated to have been between 52 and 59 feet long, which is nearly three times the size of an average great white shark.

The beasts could weigh up to 110 tons and had a bite more powerful than a Tyrannosaurus rex, making them quite a terror for ocean dwellers.

Tina Frazier, Foster's mother, said her entire family couldn't even believe their eyes when her son held up his prehistoric find, which they first thought was just a large, sand-covered rock.

"His father, myself, and his younger brother were downstream from him at the time and heard him yelling what he'd found and saw him holding it up," Frazier told the Sun News. "We were speechless."

Tooth of Megalodon vs. Great White Shark
Tooth of Megalodon vs. Great White Shark

For comparison: The tooth of a Great White Shark (left) next to the tooth of a Megalodon (right)
Photo: Getty

"Foster has always loved sharks, every book he reads is about sharks, every shirt he wears has a shark in it, and he has always told us he was going to find a megalodon tooth one day," Frazier told the local outlet.

"We have always told him that he'd have to get older and scuba dive to find a tooth like that, however, he said God would help him know where to look and he must have been right."

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