Is Bernie Sanders considering a 2020 run? 'Yes, is the answer'

Bernie Sanders might be considering running for president again.

When one of Sanders' associates was asked if the 75-year-old had begun to think about another run, the associate said, "Yes, is the answer."

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Even though Sanders hasn't publicly said he has plans to run again, his actions might be confirming just that.

Sanders visited Iowa, a state he narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary, and has plans to visit again to promote his new book "Bernie Sanders: Guide to Political Revolution."

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He's also held campaign-style rallies in West Virginia, Kentucky and even toured across Republican-heavy states.

Sanders' campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said Bernie Sanders is "keeping the door open" for a second White House run. The Vermont Senator is an independent, but if he does decide to run, one former campaign advisor believes he will run as a Democrat.

Some recent polls suggest Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden would be favorites in a 2020 race against President Trump.

One associate said, "The last thing he's going to do is step aside and let Joe Biden take it."

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