Woman questioned by police for reading a Syrian art book on a plane

A British woman is demanding an apology after being questioned by counter-terrorism police for reading a Syrian art book on a plane.

In 2016, Faizah Shaheen was reported to authorities by a Thomson Airways cabin crew on her honeymoon flight to Turkey.

When she returned to the U.K. two weeks later, Shaheen and her husband were questioned by counter-terrorism police.

Shaheen works in mental health care, looking for signs of radicalization in youth.

The book in question: a collection of literature, photographs, and songs from Syrian artists.

Shaheen believes she was singled out because of her race, and she is seeking a court declaration under the Equality Act, which prevents discriminatory treatment on the basis of race and religion.

Shaheen told BBC "I felt upset and distressed, followed by anger. I struggled to accept that I was being singled out for reading a book on art and culture."

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