Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz is stepping aside from the president's legal team

Marc Kasowitz, the head of President Donald Trump's outside legal team representing him in the Russia investigation is reportedly stepping aside, according to multiple reports published Thursday night.

CBS News White House correspondent Major Garret first tweeted Kasowitz was "out" as Trump's attorney, while New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman tweeted he was "not gone," but had a "lesser role."

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Reaction to emails reportedly sent by Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz
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Reaction to emails reportedly sent by Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz
I'm going to need a new cup of coffee, since the old one just came flying out of my nose.
Wow. This is the man who's supposed to be protecting the president from legal peril.
Sit down, Internet, & read the late-night email threats Trump's lawyer sent a total stranger:
Kinda want to call Marc Kasowitz right now.
I sent an e-mail to Marc Kasowitz. I'll let you know if he responds.
Street fighter.
@maddow 14/ So, we just got an update. Here's what a spokesman for Marc Kasowitz says: (Full story, again:…
If these emails are accurate, I don't see how anyone can keep Kasowitz on as a lawyer, incl his most famous client.

The news comes amid reports of Trump reshuffling his circle of attorneys as the Trump-Russia probe looms over his presidency.

Kasowitz received criticism for a series of profanity-laced email exchanges he had with what appeared to be a stranger last week. He has since apologized for the emails, saying that they were made "at the end of a very long day."

Separately, Trump's legal team spokesman, Mark Corallo, resigned on Thursday

Kasowitz, a New York-based trial attorney, was known as a prominent litigator and represented Trump in several cases in the past, including Trump's high-profile divorce proceedings with his first wife. He was last hired by Trump to represent him in late May.

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