Kentucky man claims he was 'just tired' after throwing, killing his baby

A Kentucky man admitted to killing his 3-month-old son when the child would not stop crying, saying he was "just tired," WLKY reports.

Cody Bates has been charged with the death of the baby. He originally told police that the child fell off the couch when he was sleeping with him at their Louisville home.

When investigators pointed out that the story was inconsistent with the child's skull fractures, he changed the story.

"I was standing right about the middle of the table. I flung him over, and he missed this thing and actually hit the floor right there with his head up," Bates told police, according to WLKY. "I was just tired. I over-slung my son."

Bates is not allowed to have any contact with the family of his son's mother. WLKY reported. He is being held at Metro Corrections on a $1 million bond.

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