Kellyanne Conway takes 'very important' phone call during Fox & Friends segment


Senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway received a phone call during her Friday appearance on Fox & Friends -- and decided it was too important to wait.

Conway joined the morning show hosts to discuss the continuing investigation into potential Trump campaign-Russia ties, and was seen returning from commercial break while on the phone.

"I'm on Fox & Friends right now, do you want to say hello?" Conway could be heard joking as she hung up.

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The hosts then asked Conway if she was speaking to President Trump, to which she responded, "I'll never tell."

Conway commented on the Trump-Russia investigation, saying she -- as the campaign manager -- never needed to look further than Hillary Clinton herself for damaging information on the former Democratic candidate.

"Where is this going?" Conway said. "And are Americans comfortable with that -- with the taxpayers funding this when it's going off all types of chutes & ladders?"

Conway also weighed in Trump's weighing Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House communications director.

"Anthony is somebody that has been an incredible asset to President Trump all during the campaign, the transition, " Conway said. "And now he's one of the killers on TV who goes out there, thinks the president is being treated very unfairly."