Democrats' reported 2018 slogan bears a strong resemblance to Papa John's

Democrats are reportedly rolling out a new slogan on Monday that is aimed at drawing attention to the party's economic message.

Late on Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that congressional Democrats are set to release a de facto 2018 campaign platform focused on highlighting their positions on economic issues, under the slogan "Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages."

News of the slogan leaked out further on Thursday.

According to the Post, the platform will highlight Democrats' policy goals, including "tax increases on the rich, affordable college, infrastructure spending, higher wages, job training, paid family leave."

Some Democrats have been using the slogan — which is reportedly the result of poll testing and research — for months.

Sen. Tim Kaine used it in an op-ed in USA Today in May, and followed it up with a tweet, while other members such as Rep. John Garamendi have also tweeted the slogan recently.

The slogan generated some backlash on social media, where some users pointed out that it was reminiscent of pizza chain Papa John's longtime slogan: "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza."

Members of Congress often release slogans that fail to catch fire among voters.

House Speaker Paul Ryan spent the majority of last year promoting his "Better Way" economic reform plan, despite its contrasts with what then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was promising on the campaign trail.

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