US loses world’s 'soft power' leader title to France, Trump cited as key cause

International heft comes in many forms. Among them is "soft power," a term that indicates influence gained through policy, diplomacy, and cultural strength.

A recent analysis of who's who in the soft power game shows that the U.S. is no longer number one, a position it claimed last year. The nation has dropped to number three.

The title now goes to France with the U.K. staying put in the second spot.

President Trump, Melania Trump take part in Paris Bastille Day celebration:

Portland Communications, a public relations firm that compiles an annual listcalled 'The Soft Power 30,' notes that France's meteoric rise from last year's number 5 position is in no small part the work of newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron.

It writes, "Macron has now been handed the mandate to help lead France through a period of pro-business and pro-EU reforms. What emerges from these reforms will likely be a more dynamic and energized France that plays a leading role in the EU and perhaps shows greater global leadership overall."

In regards to the United States' tumble from the top, Jonathan McClory, the report's author told Newsweek, "This year's...results should raise concerns in the American foreign policy establishment. The rankings offer yet another data point reporting a fall in America's global reputation and influence. The Trump administration's drive to put America first has left America isolated."