The Houston Astros held a touching pre-game funeral in the outfield -- for a glove

Carlos Beltran's Baseball Reference page still lists him as a center fielder, but he hasn't actually played an inning in the outfield in two months.

The Houston Astros have been using the 20-year veteran as their designated hitter since May (something they may want to reconsider given his .235 batting average), leaving his glove to collect dust on the shelf.

Beltran's transition from center to DH has been difficult for many, and on Monday, his teammates came together to support each other and mourn the loss of a friend: Beltran's outfield glove.

Take a look at the makeshift ceremony below:

Prior to their game against the Seattle Mariners, the Astros -- led by catcher Brian McCann dressed as a clergy member -- congregated in center field to hold a funeral for the glove, gravestones and all.

The three tombstones paid homage to Beltran's many accomplishments while using the glove, including three Gold Glove awards and nine All-Star selections. As McCann delivered a prepared eulogy, the glove was "buried" in a pristine white box.

It's unclear what the team did with the glove after the ceremony, but they did go on to lose to the Mariners 9-7.

All jokes aside, Beltran is now over 40 years old, and has likely played his last ball in the outfield. We wish him, and all of his equipment, the best.