Dog tossed out of minivan during road rage incident in New Jersey

***Warning: Video of the incident does not auto-play due to graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.***

MONTCLAIR, NJ (WPIX) — Daphne, a 12-year old pooch, was flung out of a minivan in Montclair after an apparent road rage incident, according to police.

Cellphone video taken by a witness and posted onto social media shows two men arguing on Bloomfield Avenue.

Then, tempers boil over, fists start to fly and out of nowhere, one of the drivers reaches into the passenger side of the other driver's white minivan, pulls out the little black pooch and flings her on the side of the street with no regard for her life.

Daphne can be seen running back to the vehicle.

"The sad part is, he tried to hurt me by throwing my dog, that's cowardly," said Gary Keay, Daphne's owner.

The incident happened Wednesday and the video has since gone viral.

"He got out of his car, jumped on the roof of my car and started stomping on my roof...then from that, I got out of the car to take him on," said Keay.

According to Keay, Daphne has some soft tissue injury, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Investigators have identified the driver who tossed Daphne out of the minivan as Marc Dionne.

Animal cruelty charges are pending.

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