An MLB catcher suffered neck and knee injuries during a brutal home plate collision

Home plate collisions have been phased out of baseball — mostly. There are still select scenarios in which a baserunner is allowed to railroad the catcher, leading to moments that remind us of just how dangerous the play is.

One such moment occurred during Monday's game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers. Pirates pitcher Chad Kuhl, attempting to score from second on a Francisco Cervelli single, ran over Brewers catcher Stephen Vogt, causing the recently acquired backstop to exit the game.

Check out the play in the video below.

Vogt stayed in position long enough to lay down the tag, but the hard collision with Kuhl caused him to topple to the ground. Note his left leg, which was bent backwards on the play.

Vogt walked off the field under his own power and was evaluated for injuries to his left knee and neck, according to the Brewers. They have yet to announce a timetable for his return. Kuhl was shaken up but able to remain in the game.

The rules of baseball allow a baserunner to run over the catcher only in cases where the catcher already has the ball and is blocking the plate. Monday night's collision could have gone either way, but because Kuhl was called out, there was no need to review the legality of the play.

Vogt is batting .222 with eight home runs and 29 RBI this season. The Brewers selected him off waivers from the Oakland Athletics last month.

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