Speedy babies crawl in diaper derby race

Confident in their life-long training, these babies are ready to take their marks.

Athletes between the ages of 11 and 24 months participated in the annual "Diaper Derby" championship in New York, where babies wearing race-provided onesies crawl across a mat for the coveted title.

But it's not the tiny speedsters that get competitive explains organizer Scott Hutmacher.

"You know, I think a lot of the kids couldn't care less about it, it's the parents and the crowds who get extremely competitive."

In the final heat, 11-month-old Brooke Bender beat out her low-riding rival in a tight race.

According to mom Kristy, it was all about tactics.

"She likes my husband a little bit better. She likes her dad a little bit better. She is a daddy's girl."

Brooke is taking home her first trophy to Dallas, Texas where potty training is likely next.