Endangered rhino raises money by painting abstract art

A child's fingerpainting can't be sold for lots of money, but abstract art done by a black endangered rhino can apparently raise thousands.

Rosie is a 27-year-old rhino who started painting in 2009 but, 8 years later, her skill has improved and the paintings have started selling for big bucks.

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As a resident of the Columbus Zoo, she has been working hard with her trainers on her skill, which involves paint being applied to her upper lip which she then uses as a paintbrush.

Curator Adam Felts believes Rosie has fun with the painting, saying: "Rosie as a rhino is very laid back and she enjoys interaction with keepers."

The art is then auctioned off. In 2015 her paintings raised $10,000 and in 2016 her art garnered $14,000.

That's pretty impressive and what's great for Rosie is that the money is donated to the American Association of Zookeepers to help black rhinos such as herself.

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