Jet engine blast kills female tourist on Caribbean beach

A tourist visiting the Caribbean island of St. Maarten was killed on Wednesday by the engine blast of a Boeing 737 taking off from Princess Juliana International Airport, famously located less than 200 feet from Maho Beach.

The airport is often known as one of the most dangerous in the world, due to its close proximity to the water.

But that doesn't stop tourists from flocking to the beach in droves to watch planes fly by right over their heads.

Although there are warning signs posted on the fence dividing the beach from the airport's landing strip, tourists often ignore the warnings in order to get as close to the planes as possible.

The 57-year-old woman, who was visiting the island from New Zealand, was reportedly clinging to the fence to feel the engine's powerful blast when it knocked her off and threw her into a nearby concrete barrier, police spokesman Ricardo Henson told CBS News.

The unnamed woman was rushed to the hospital following the incident, where she was declared dead.

"Many people come just for the thrill of this main attraction, and unfortunately this time someone lost their life," Henson told the outlet.