Hidden Google Earth message written by angry neighbor goes viral


There's only one logical way to deal with annoying neighbors — carve a massive, nasty message about them into the field behind your house.

At least, that's the way one Sequim, Washington, resident chose to express his or her dissatisfaction.

Apparently, an angry homeowner cut word "A-Hole" into the grass in their backyard, along with an arrow pointing to an allegedly problematic neighbor's home.

Photo: Google Earth

The message was first noticed by users on Reddit two months ago, but screenshots of the satellite images have been making the rounds on the social media site this week.

Mashable reports that the message was likely carved some time between November 2011 and July 2013, although it was just noticed by many this year.

Some online sleuths have deduced that the neighbors' feud began when one constructed a lavender, fuchsia-trimmed garage on their property.

The building was dubbed "the purple people-eater" by disgruntled neighbors who hated its appearance, claiming it devalued their properties and polluted the view, according to the local Peninsula Daily News.