Trump's longtime gatekeeper and personal assistant Rhona Graff came up in the latest email controversy — here's who she is

The woman once nicknamed "Trump's right hand" was one of many names to come up in Donald Trump Jr.'s emails about meetings with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

At 64, Rhona Graff is one of Donald Trump's most loyal and longstanding personal assistants. Before Trump was elected president, she worked as the gatekeeper to Trump Tower for nearly thirty years.

While Trump's official arrangements are now handled directly by the White House, Graff has remained an important conduit for high-profile people who want to contact Trump outside his regular hours.

"If I really wanted to whisper something in [Trump's] ear, I would probably go to Rhona," prominent New York billionaire John Catsimatidis told Politico.

On Tuesday, Trump's eldest son Trump Jr. tweeted what he claims to be the full text of his emails with music publicist Rob Goldstone, who arranged his meeting with a Russian lawyer to allegedly receive damaging information on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

While Queens native Graff remained in New York after Trump's rise to the White House, she still arranges many of Trump's private meetings

"I can also send this info to your father via Rhona, but it is ultrasensitive so wanted to send to you first," Gladstone wrote in the email. According to Politico, Graff handles most of Trump's meetings at his Mar-A-Lago resort and regularly carves out chunks of time for those that Trump deems important.

During nearly more than thirty years spent working at the Trump Organization, Graff worked alongside Trump as a secretary and later senior vice president, co-starred on "The Apprentice," served as a "Miss Teen USA" judge and arranged countless meetings between Trump and various business partners.

"I'd never leave him," Graff once told the New York Times.

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