Report: Melania Trump and Putin discussed gender equality at G-20 banquet

First lady Melania Trump sat with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a G-20 banquet last weekend, and details of their conversation have now been made public.

Putin's press secretary Dimitry Peskov reportedly spoke on the pair's conversation during a Russian television interview, saying Putin "remained satisfied" with the exchange, that included a dialogue around the G-20 summit's agenda.

"I think there was certain sympathy," Peskov said. He added that the Slovenian native model and Russian foreign leader discussed working sessions on gender equality and the economic role of women.

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President Trump met with Putin for an initial face-to-face exchange at the G-20 summit in Hamburg last week, where they reportedly discussed Syria, Ukraine and cyber security. Trump, though, backtracked on cyber security with a Sunday tweet, saying "The fact that President Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn't mean I think it can happen."

After the originally scheduled 30-minute meeting between the two world leaders ran over, Melania was sent in to try and wrap up the conversation. The entire meeting ended up running over 2 hours long.

The first lady was at one point trapped inside a Hamburg hotel during the presidential couple's visit to Germany, unable to leave due to violent protests taking part throughout the city.