Popular museum will text you a work of art on demand

It's art right at your fingertips!

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has come up with a cool new way to text you art on demand.

It's a new feature called "Send me."

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All you have to do is text the number 57251 with a request such as, "send me some flowers."

You may receive a beautiful black and white photograph of a lush garden.

You can request all sorts of things based on your mood or what you want to see and you'll receive tons of art that corresponds to your request.

It's all part of the museum's efforts to bring more access to 34,000 pieces of artwork in the collection.

There's actually only 5 percent on display in the galleries at any given time.

So instead of texting your mom for an "I told you so" when you're in a funk, text 57251 for a Jackson Pollock, Rauschenberg and more!