Poll: Melania Trump is more popular than Hillary Clinton

As President Donald Trump's approval rating remains historically low, the first lady's popularity has been blossoming as of late, surpassing not only her husband but now former first lady Hillary Clinton.

According to a new FOX News poll, Melania Trump holds a approval rating of 51 percent, an increase of 16 points since last August.

When Clinton was first lady, she was close behind at 49 percent. Former President Bill Clinton had the same approval rating as Melania his first year as president.

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Trump though is slumping to an average of 40 percent since he took office, according to Gallup.

But who's the leading first lady? Michelle Obama, with a whopping 73 percent.

Still, Melania has come a long way. A year ago, only about a quarter of Americans approved of her, according to Gallup.