Police find razor blades melted into kid slides at parks

Texas police are investigating a disturbing find that may make parents rethink taking the children to the park.

According to WGHP, city workers found four razor blades melted into the plastic slides at two playgrounds last Thursday. Police believe the blades were inserted into the structures using a lighter.

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While police said the workers immediately removed the blades, the incident remains a concern for most parents.

"I can't imagine what a person would be thinking in their mind to do that, at a playground," mother Desaree Dancey told KHOU. "It rained today, so we were like, don't go on the slides because of the water, but now we're like, don't go on the slides because it's dangerous."

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Officers are planning to install cameras to better monitor the parks, and hopefully catch the criminal(s) responsible. Injury to a child is a third-degree felony.