Museum finds cases of centuries-old wine in its cellar

An ancient secret has been unearthed from the basement of a New Jersey museum.

You're probably expecting some dusty documents or a long lost treasure chest, but the discovery is even better!

They found wine. Lots of it.

Liberty Hall Museum in Union NJ was restoring their wine cellar when they uncovered 3 cases and 42 demijohn jugs of the stuff.

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This wine is beyond vintage. The oldest dates back 221 years to 1796.

Turns out some of the wine was shipped there to prepare for John Adam's presidency and, apparently, the boozy treasure trove was no secret.

Liberty Hall President John Kean told, "we knew there was a lot of liquor down here, but we had no idea as to the age of it."

This find was part of a larger project to rebuild wine racks in the cellar and catalog the collection.

Lucky Mr. Kean got to sample some of the stuff, which was surprisingly still drinkable.

He may be the only taste tester for a while because wine experts say these bottles could be worth up to $25,000.