Google Earth becomes part of a neighborhood feud

Google Earth is an amazing way to see the world up close right from your laptop.

It even helped a man find his birth family in India, an incredible discovery that inspired an Oscar-nominated film.

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Google Earth can also be used as a free billboard to the world. One example is a little-hidden gem in Sequim Washington.

Someone wanted the whole world to know that the person who lives in a certain house is, apparently, an a-hole.

Or maybe we're all just too cynical and they are letting you know that there is a literal hole.

Whether it's a supremely annoyed neighbor or a rebellious teenager having a little fun while mowing the lawn, we can't be sure.

However, we do know that the sentiment may have appeared as early as 2011.

Just to keep things interesting, it would be great if they could change it up like Charlotte's web and think of a new adjective for next year.