Mika Brzezinski inks 3-book deal

Mika Brzezinski has inked a new three-book deal with Weinstein Books, the publisher confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday morning.

A spokeswoman for Weinstein Books would not provide any details about the arrangement, first reported by the New York Post's Page Six, which said the deal includes two new books (coming out fall 2018) as well as a revised version of her 2011 book, Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You're Worth, which was also published by the company.

The Post report said the value of the deal is "in the high six figures."

Brzezinski was thrust into the national spotlight June 29 when the president tweeted a personal attack on her and her Morning Joe co-anchor and fiance, Joe Scarborough. The pair will appear on Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, and are speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics on Wednesday evening.

Celebrity reactions to Trump's attack on Mika
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Celebrity reactions to Trump's attack on Mika
Imagine having to defend this idiot. It's actually crazier than the idiot himself because they're actually aware of… https://t.co/EBNqi2S69e
I am so fucking tired of waking up to horrible news.
I see Melania's campaign to end cyber bullying is off to a slow start
America elected a very shitty person to be President
'Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.' Abraham Lincoln https://t.co/vkJnlXbnXg
Every time someone says the president is a child or a toddler all I can think of is I've never met a child who's this much of a dick.
Can we send the president to Outward Bound or do you have to be the parent of a troubled teen for that?
sarah - lying - sad https://t.co/Wl3ymOZusR
Like every woman you've married hasn't had a face lift. U should also get one. And a body lift. And yes, w/this duck, its ok to man shame.
What was said this morning about @morningmika & @JoeNBC by the President of the United States is disgusting, disgraceful & beyond the pale
Silver lining of Trump tweets: teachable moments for young boys. "Don't u ever act like that. Real men don't speak this way to women." #Mika

Brzezinski's ongoing spat with the president isn't seen as the primary reason behind the deal but she is expected to address it in the new edition of Knowing Your Value.

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