Incredible image shows moment fisherman found bizarre creature inside mouth of a live bass

A Missouri fisherman was stunned after finding a mole inside the mouth of a live bass he caught.

Monroe Mackinney, 22, from Fair Grove, Missouri, hooked the surprising catch while fishing at his parents 8-acre pond on May 31, FOX News reports.

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The incredible image shows the dead mammal lodged inside the bass' mouth with both hands on either side of the fish's throat.

"How often do you get to see a mole in a bass's mouth????? Crazy!" Mackinney captioned an image the amazing catch on Instagram. "Scared me a little went to take my lure or and almost dropped the fish haha."

After he snapped a couple of photos of the fish Mackinney said he released the bass, which "swam off just fine," according to his post on Instagram.

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It remains unclear how the dead animal got into the fish's mouth, though Mackinney guessed the tiny mole may have been forced out of the ground due to heavy rainfall in the area.

"My best guess is the heavy rains may have pushed him out. Or a big Bird like a hawk, great blue heron, or an eagle which are all common in Missouri dropped it in the water. The birds will drop the live rodents in the water to use ad a trap to catch a bigger meal," he wrote on Instagram.