This Nike outfit is the new 'Dress' and the internet is at war

Two years after agony flooded many timelines over "the Dress" -- colloquially dubbed Dressgate or #TheDress -- a new outfit has emerged for its 15 minutes of viral fame.

No one can seem to agree on the colors of a Nike outfit twitter user @RafaellaWaldorf first posted on June 27.

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"It's pink with white, but the light from the photo leaves the shorts half green / blue, I do not know," she captioned the eye-crossing photo of a Nike tank top, shorts and pools slides.

The photo picked up steam a few weeks later after Rachel Stewart from Nottingham, England, posted the photo to Facebook, this time with the caption: "Here we go again! What two colors do you see?"

"Dunno how others see anything other than pink and white?" she added.

The photo was subsequently picked up by the Australian site MYGC, and, as of Monday, the original post has been shared over a thousand times.

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Some are claiming they see turquoise and grey, others green and grey, and some think the clothing's colors are pink and white.

BuzzFeed even polled readers on the topic, which resulted in 93 percent of their participants (roughly 575,000 people) saying they saw grey and teal, 4 percent (roughly 26,000 people) who said they saw pink and white, and the remaining 3 percent who claimed to see another crazy combo.

The clothing retailer eventually came forward to set the record straight, but the debate continues.