Poll: Trump’s job approval rating on the rise following Putin meeting

As President Trump returned home on Saturday from his overseas trip new polling suggests a slight uptick in support from the American people, however the president's numbers remain historically low.

Thirty-nine percent of Americans now say they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, a two-point jump from last week's 37 percent low, according to a Gallup poll released over the weekend.

The president's disapproval rating also dropped one percentage point, however both these changes are well within the margin of error.

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For comparison, former President Barack Obama's enjoyed a 58 percent approval rating at this same point in his first term -- nearly 20 points higher than where Trump currently sits, according to Gallup.

Trump received both praise and criticism following his highly anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "We were back to normal life for the first time," said CNN's David Gergen who said Trump "seemed presidential" during his meeting with the former KGB officer.

"We may agree or disagree with the particulars, but we want our president to show leadership and be at a presidential level, and I thought we saw more of that today. I think we should be encouraged by that."

However, former CIA Director John Brennan said Trump "ceded" ground to Putin in the meeting.

"He said it's an honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault on our election? To me, it's a dishonorable thing to say," Brennan said.

While the president's job approval rating remains below 40 percent, first lady Melania Trump's support continues to grow, surpassing her husband in popularity, as more than 50 percent of U.S. voters view her favorably -- up 16 points from August of last year.