President Trump 'diminished Putin's power' in first meeting: Body language expert


President Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was his most anticipated meeting of his overseas trip last week, and according to body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass Trump "really came out ahead."

"I think that there was a whole power play," Glass said speaking with AOL News. "Trump is the one who introduced him. He puts out his hand first like he's the host, like he's running the show."

Glass also says that while the initial moments of the meeting during G-20 in Germany on Friday weren't all "warm and fuzzy," it appears based on Putin's body language that the Russian president enjoys Trump's company.

Take a look for yourself at Trump and Putin's first meeting:

"Putin's feet were pointed in the direction of Trump, which means he likes Trump," Glass said.

However, according to Glass, this is a side of the former KGB officer that hasn't been on display before.

"Putin has un-Putin-like behavior. We've never seen him like this. He was acquiescing to Trump. In fact, you saw him with his head down, his shoulders hunched, he was fidgeting with his hands."

Former CIA Director John Brennan viewed the meeting differently, saying the president 'ceded' ground to Putin.

"I don't think he demonstrates good negotiating skills when it comes to Mr. Putin," said Brennan, who was the head of the CIA from 2013 until January of this year.

"He said it's an honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault on our election? To me, it's a dishonorable thing to say," Brennan added.

But according to Glass, Trump and Putin's handshake tells a different story.

"When they were sitting down together, you saw Putin was fidgeting, he was a little nervous, whereas Trump was very steady," Glass said.

"In the presence of Trump, [Trump] kind of diminished Putin's power. Trump really has the power in this meeting."

"Although they both had strong handshakes, that was the only thing you could see where they both had powerful handshakes -- but from a body language point of view, Trump really came out ahead."

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The president's handshakes have garnered a considerable amount of attention since taking office in January. Trump often delivers a strong handshake, often tugging the other person to him in a forceful manner.

"A handshake can tell you everything about a person," said Glass speaking with TechInsider.

"What you see is what you get. If Trump likes you, you see it. If Trump doesn't like you, you see that as well."