Rep. Joe Kennedy dubbed 'Next President Kennedy' in new profile

Democratic Congressman Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts is worried about the state of government, but a new feature suggests he may be poised to revive Camelot.

Gracing the cover of this month's issue of Town & Country Magazine, Kennedy's background and current role on Capitol Hill are told through the lens of the Boston Globe's Matt Viser. As a grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy and a fervently passionate representative of the Bay State's 4th District, Congressman Kennedy is quickly becoming a must-watch rising star in the Democratic party.

Congressman Joe Kennedy through the years:

The Stanford graduate, Peace Corps veteran and lawmaker in his third Hill term resides at home with his wife, Lauren, one-year-old daughter, Eleanore, and dog, Banjo. But when he's not playing dad back home, Viser describes Kennedy as a smart, dedicated politician in Washington.

"During most of his tenure in Washington, Joe Kennedy has been slow and methodical, and often understated," Viser writes. "Like his uncle Ted, he pays attention to some of the less flashy constituent services that don't earn him headlines but do earn him loyalty in his district."

Kennedy ripped the GOP's first attempt to pass the American Health Care Act during a hearing earlier this session, calling the Obamacare replacement an "act of malice." The Democratic official also spoke during the hearing in strong support of an amendment on behalf of the seven Planned Parenthood clinics in Massachusetts that Kennedy says serve roughly 33,000 patients per year.

"This is not an effort to actually engage in good policy," Kennedy told AOL News in May. "[Republicans] are not trying to find a way to get to yes with Democrats on this bill. They're trying to find a way to satisfy a promise that they never thought they were going to have to do."

These fiery remarks spread like wildfire on social media -- and this is reportedly representative of Kennedy's growing popularity on social media. According to the Town & Country interview, Kennedy's posts were averaging 13,500 views last year and are now up to nearly 1 million per Facebook video.

Click through for a look at Rep. Kennedy's spread in Town & Country:

Reflecting on the Kennedy legacy, the Democrat reveals that while he loves having a big family filled with "strong personalities with strong opinions," there are some who do not view the political powerhouse class in a positive light.

"Look, my family means different things to different folks. I think for most people they have very fond memories and believe my family made important contributions to the country," Kennedy tells Town & Country. "People come up every day and usually say very nice things about my family, but sometimes not. You get both."

As rumors continue to swirl on who will be the top Democratic contender against President Trump come 2020, the case for adding Rep. Kennedy to that list may have been made. For now, though, Viser illustrates that Kennedy is "firmly" situated in his congressional office amongst Boston sports paraphernalia.