James Harden signs the richest extension in NBA history and will make $47 million in the final season of the deal

James Harden has agreed to the largest extension in NBA history, agreeing to a deal that will pay him $227.9 million over the next six seasons.

The Houston Rockets have confirmed the signing.

As a member of the NBA's All-NBA team this past season, Harden became eligible for a Designated Player Extension (DPE).

Harden is still owed $58.7 million over the next two seasons. The extension will add four more years to the deal, with those four seasons worth a total of $169.2 million, according to Bobby Marks of ESPN, giving Harden's total deal an average annual value of $38.0 million.

Harden's salaries in his new extension will start at $37.8 million and will grow by 8% each year, reaching $46.8 million in the 2022-23 season.

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